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PRAMAC generators for On Board applications

Whether you need backup, emergency, or prime power, PRAMAC can provide it; we can be your trusted ally for different commercial and industrial power solutions and destinations.

Any small business or big company needs solutions that are appropriate to their requests to deliver and service equipment and supplies within an assigned region. These special and customized solutions often deal with product adaptation. PRAMAC is able to support multiple sites with an integrated mobile generator platform mounted on the frame of an existing truck, ensuring that the generator’s engine is used daily and will start when needed. This provides the flexibility and capability to provide power without the acquisition and installation of permanent land-based backup / prime power generators at every location.

Most of PRAMAC Power solutions have been designed in canopy version to allow easier maintenance and to resist in critical environments; they are available in special colors, with low noise level and the possibility to run in parallel thanks to Modular Parallel Panels.


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