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  • P4500 230/115V 50Hz HUK


  • P4500 230-115V HUK MAIN
  • Low noise level, it is the ideal generator for use in residential areas or outside normal working hours. It's equipped with a reliable Diesel engine, first class components and complete instrumentation.

Echipare standard
Echipament destinat exclusiv aplicatiilor stationare
Caracteristici principale
Frecvenţă Hz 50
Tensiune V 230/115
Faze 1
Regim De Putere
Putere pasivă LTP kVA 4.1
Putere pasivă LTP kW 3.7
Putere continuă COP kVA 3.5
Putere continuă COP kW 3.1
Putere Monofazica Nominala
Putere continuă monofazică COP kVA
Date tehnice motor
Producător motor Yanmar
Starting system Electric
Date dimensionale
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