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Power solutions for the main Water Plant in Angola

Power Generators-Water Treatment-Luanda- Angola


The Calumbo Water Treatment Plant is the main water plant close to Luanda and it is supported by several PRAMAC GSW705 V canopied generators working in parallel and feeding 5 big water pumps of 450 kW each. In 3 working weeks, PRAMAC specialized team made all the fuel connections and piping, installed the exhaust and hot air ducts and connected the power and communication cables between gen-sets and the electrical board. Providing a turn-key solution able to meet all the plan requirements, PRAMAC assumed a relevant role in the project: the most important activity of water distribution in the Luanda province, supplying potable water to more than one million people in the Zango region, one of the biggest new housing areas around Luanda.


5 X GSW705 V

• 702 kVA LTP

• 631 kVA PRP

• 50 Hz

• 400 V

• Volvo Tad1643GE

• Mecc Alte Eco 40-2L/4

• Modular parallel panel, automatic fuel pump, pre-heating system