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Power solutions for a river bridge rehabilitation in Senegal

Power Generators-Construction-Saint Louis-Senegal


One of the most important construction companies present in Africa selected PRAMAC to take part to an important project: the Senegal river bridge rehabilitation in St Louis. Pramac 100 kVA prime power soundproofed generating sets have been placed in floating barge to power the water pumps necessary to the construction works. The project has a particular historical and cultural value - being the bridge the Landmark of the city of St Louis- and belongs to the UNESCO heritage program.


GSW 110 P

• Power LTP 114 kVA

• Power PRP 104 kVA

• Frequency 50Hz

• Voltage 400 V

• Engine PERKINS 1104C-44TAG2

• Alternator MECCALTE ECP34-2S/4

• Soundproof canopy noise level 67 dBA@7 meters