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Power solutions for maritime services in Panama

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A company that offers storage and handling services for oil and petrochemical products selected PRAMAC to join in the project of 3MW power plant composed by 1.260 kVA gensets at 60 Hz, 480 volts running in parallel 7/24 h, supplying energy to the island of  Taboguilla, a service point for all the ships waiting for their turn to pass the Panama Canal. The required gensets had to be equipped with marine engines at 900 rpm to avoid rusting problems. PRAMAC offered an alternative standard 1.500 rpm gensets, but with a stainless steel radiator to avoid rusting problems.



• Power LTP 1506 kVA

• Power PRP 1364 kVA

• Frequency 60 Hz

• Tension 480 V

• Engine MTU 18V2000G85

• Alternator STAMFORD HCI6K

• Radiator suitable for damp and salt ambient

• Open version

• Parallel panel