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Power solutions for Loxam Head office in France



Following an environmental performance approach, Loxam has decided to invest in a gas generator.
PRAMAC therefore offered a GGW430G generator set to meet the client’s need for emergency and green energy, with a reduction in CO, NOx emissions and the absence of particle.
Moreover, the technical team of PRAMAC designed a platform in order to comply with DTU waterproofing standards and, at the same time, making it possible to reuse the already existing pads that supported the old generator.
PRAMAC complied with the client's request providing the study for the supply of a platform for setting up the new group, the supply, installation and connection of the gas grid between the delivery point and the generator, testing and commissioning.


• Power ESP 430 kVA
• Power ESP 344 kW
• Frequency 50 Hz
• Tension 400 V
• Engine Generac G21.9L
• Alternator Meccalte ECO 40 2S
• Canopy