Open and soundproof diesel generators up to 830 kVA


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GB Series

Gb series img

When looking for a quality/price generator from 7 to 50kVA, suitable for any kind of user, the GB series is the right choice.


Easy to transport and to maintain, it offers a selection of products designed for the construction, industrial and agricultural business.


GS Series

Gs series img

Covering a large power range that goes from 10 to 830kVA , the GS generating sets are engineered and manufactured to be sturdy and user-friendly. Guaranteeing high quality standards and offering a full list of additional options , the GS series fulfills the requirements of several applications, with high reliability and excellent performance.


Thought for being multi-purpose, the GS generators can be used in residential, tourism, construction, industrial, agricultural, and civil protection areas, amongst others.