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PRAMAC generators for water treatment sites

The demand for safe water is growing rapidly. And as water consumption doubles globally every 20 years, municipalities are more focused than ever on using this resource wisely and efficiently: purifying wastewater and keeping it flowing is essential everywhere.

Because of environmental concerns, wastewater authorities are charged with collecting, conveying, and treating large volumes of sewage, then releasing the processed water back into the environment or reusing it for irrigation purposes. 

Computers control water-processing and delivery systems, and sophisticated digital water meters and data analysis can improve operations and reduce costs. Yet those innovations and increasing regulations have put even more pressure on facilities to have reliable backup power systems.

Both water and wastewater facilities place great demands on pumping equipment for consistent water distribution and treatment processes. When pumps go offline due to power outages, these processes are halted and water distribution ceases. In the case of large municipalities, returning all plant systems to normal operations and resuming the distribution of water can be a daunting task. During prolonged outages, under-treatment may occur, and the penalties both in terms of financial and environmental damage can be severe. Installing a PRAMAC generator could be a popular and cost effective choice, not wanting to take a chance with circumstances beyond your control, especially since an entire city population depends on you for their water supply.

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