PRAMAC’s 10 steps for winterizing your home


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Power is not only important for business: our lives depend on it.
Imagine having to live without heating, lights, television and internet connection. Imagine being unable to charge your phone, cook meals, keep your food refrigerated and take baths/showers. Power outages put our modern lifestyles in jeopardy, and with a more-unstable-than-ever climate, they happen more frequently and tend to last longer, disrupting lives and cutting people out of the world for days, sometimes weeks.
In these situations, a PRAMAC electric generator- be it a home standby or a portable one- can be a lifesaver.
If you are a residential user, to keep your life going without interruption, check out a few tips below.



PRAMAC generators-winterize
Many homeowners overlook one of the most important things to prepare for when the holiday season rolls around—winter storms. Experts believe homeowners are unprepared for winter storms, putting their families and their home in danger. Therefore, while you are decking the halls for the season, make sure you take the following into consideration and ensure your home is both merry and safe.
Major dangers associated with Winter Storms
Homeowners can face major dangers when winter weather rolls around, including damage from the weight of ice, snow and sleet. In the cases of major snowstorms, families can even be trapped in their homes due to blocked or frozen entryways. Cracked or burst water pipes connected to anything from steam and hot water heating, or a fire-protection system, can be extremely costly. Even after the storm, melting snow can cause major flooding.
Tips to Winterize and Protect Your Home
Though the list of winter weather dangers runs long, there are 10 easy steps that can ease or prevent these issues, all while creating a safer home environment during emergencies.
  1. Install weather stripping.
  2. Have your heating system serviced at the beginning of each season to ensure it runs properly and have the filters changed.
  3. Move furniture away from vents.
  4. Add rock salt and sand to emergency kits to help melt ice on walkways.
  5. Install roof-heating cables to prevent ice dams on roofs and gutters.
  6. Insulate pipes.
  7. Place a cover over attic stairs.
  8. Insulate outlets with gasket covers.
  9. Invest in automatic home standby generators, such as those of Pramac that automatically provide power for heat and electricity when there is a power outage. 
  10. ​As a leader in power equipment serving residential, light commercial, industrial and construction markets, Pramac's products are available through a broad network of subsidiaries, retailers, wholesalers and equipment rental companies.