Pramac, we are the energy generation!


  • BAUMA – 24.-30.10.22 Munchen (Germany): Pramac and Generac Mobile powering a smarter world

  • The group is back to Bauma with a clear message: power solutions for a sustainable future.

    The participation to the 33rd edition of the world's leading trade fair dedicated to the sectors of construction, building and mining, will totally focus on the rental products Pramac and Generac Mobile branded.

    With several product solutions, the group wants to be active in the world’s climate transition, growing its offer in the mobile power plant market where an increased demand for electricity in remote areas and frequent natural disasters, represent the main drivers which led the group to enrich its offer.

    The recent acquisition of Off Grid Energy Ltd, one of the leading global designer and manufacturer of technology solutions for the energy storage, is helping to support customers in the market of distributed energy resource, microgrid and electricity demand for mobile application. Customers are facing a more and more careful approach to the emissions and the environmental impact, as in the events and construction fields.


    Pramac and Generac Mobile lead the evolution to more resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions offering today the widest range of hybrid and environmentally friendly mobile power products:


    • GPW and GRW series of power generators for the rental business, Stage V compliant with supersilent and hybrid versions

    • VT-Solar and the new PRO line, mobile lighting towers “5-in-1” power systems and solar technology, with Stage V compliant engine and supersilent canopy

    • Off Grid range of battery energy storage systems, with OPzV-S and lithium batteries, guaranteeing zero noise and a cut of the emissions, and remotely connected


    The group’s main mission is to power a smarter world by improving energy resilience and independence, optimizing energy efficiency and consumption to guarantee critical infrastructures and uninterrupted power.


    Find out more information about the production for rental solutions: