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Power solutions for one of the largest pharmaceutical group in Spain



One of the largest pharmaceutical groups relied on PRAMAC's customized solutions for the installation of an emergency group for the expansion of its plant. In a plant of such magnitude, energy is vital to prevent the slowdown of the manufacturing process and the costs that this would entail. System sizing and optimization are complex issues that require significant collaboration between engineering, customer, and suppliers: that is why customer trusted PRAMAC from the first moment, requesting an energy study to properly size the group's power. As well as an integral solution, where a special dimensioning was required due to the characteristics requested in the electrical installation by the customer. GSW1650P genset was installed in standby with a no break return parallel panel to two independent mains. Previewing a second electrical connection, PRAMAC developed and supplied in collaboration with the client all the elements for this future connection. The group also has an extended fuel tank that offers autonomy of more than 6 hours working in emergency, as well as preheating resistance to offer maximum reliability at any time and an automatic fuel transfer pump to be ready to use an external storage fuel tank.


• Power LTP 1620 kVA
• Power PRP 1550 kVA
• Frequency 50 Hz
• Tension 400 V
• Engine PERKINS 4012-46TAG2A
• Alternator MECCALTE ECO46 1S
• Fuel cut valve​
• AFP. Automatic fuel transfer pump
• IFT3 Internal fuel tank 2000 liters
• Special terminal board dimensions
• Separated distribution panel composed by special MPP and 2 InteliMains control unit for managing two different mains