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Power solutions for a mining company in Venezuela

Grana Sabana


A company specialized in mining and jewelry sector, located in the remote Municipality of Gran Sabana in the South of Bolívar State in Venezuela, requested from PRAMAC, through its dealer ANICAM ENTERPRISES, a 1200kVA emergency backup solution. It was needed for its main mining station, where the cutting and packaging of sapphires, diamonds and gold takes part, as a fundamental part of the expansion project of the Mining Arc established at the beginning of 2018. However, even being a backup genset, the zone energy deficiencies require the generator to deliver up to 60 kilowatt hours per month. To ensure power, PRAMAC supplied a GSW1290M diesel generator to run up to 20 hours per week to feed jewelry cutting machinery, gold smelting, other electrical equipment and administrative areas of the complex.


​GSW1290M (SC122KMAY05)
• Power LTP 1254 kVA
• Power PRP 1159 kVA
• Frequency 60 Hz
• Tension 440 V
• Engine MTU 16V2000G85
• Alternator MECCALTE ECO43-2M/4 A
• Fully bunded baseframe complete with leakage detection sensor
• Hot parts protection
• Incorporated fuel tank of 1000 liters