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Power solutions for a defence project in UAE

Power solutions for a defence project in UAE

PRAMAC provided a soundproof generating set, designed with robust construction and low complexity to comply with client’s needs and harsh environment application, delivering maximum power at 50 degree ambient temperature.  

It is also enclosed with acoustic, completely sealed with high IP protection and double walled sandwiched canopy, with internal walls built with HD perforated sheets to extend its durability and allow an easier dragging and movement of the genset.

The canopy was customized with a powder coated special color, upon client’s request.

The Volvo engine equipping the genset is emissions controlled to ensure the maximum reduction of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

PRAMAC succeeded in providing the optimal solution for the client.


Extra Key Features

  •  Integrated Distribution board with CE industrial sockets.
  •  Integrated Load Transfer Switch.
  •  Heavy duty robust skid.