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  • LX14 Triplex II Edition
  • LX 14/45 TRIPLEX


  • The LX II edition is a strong and reliable partner which bridges the gap between low-duty and heavy duty material handling daily operations. Due to its durability, low maintenance LX is suitable for environments as logistic centers, terminals, production and manufacturing areas. Also the new tiller arm equipped with fork lifting and lowering proportional control improves user-friendliness and maneuverability of the truck.
1.3 Grupo tracción ELECTRIC
1.4 Conducción Acompañante
1.5 Capacidad carga Q Kg 1400
4.2 Altura, mástil replegado h1 mm 2080
4.4 Elevación h3 mm 4410
4.19 Longitud total l1 mm 1966
4.21 Ancho total b1 mm 800
4.22 Dimensiones horquillas e mm 170
4.22 Dimensiones horquillas l mm 1150
4.25 Ancho horquillas b5 mm 560
4.34 Pasillo de trabajo para palet 800x1200 longit. Ast mm 2380
4.35 Radio de giro Wa mm 1613
5.1 Velocidad de tracción con carga Km/h 6.0
5.1 Velocidad de tracción sin carga Km/h 6.0
5.1 Travel speed laden with platform in lowered position Km/h 6.0
5.1 Travel speed unladen with platform in lowered position Km/h 6.0
Motores eléctricos
6.1 Potencia del motor de tracción kW 1.2
Image notes
Image notes