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  • Reliability, Durability, Easy handling, Fast servicing

    Pramac, the leader in power generators and handling equipment, is proud to introduce a new range of diesel powered mobile generators. With the customer requirements as the driver, this line is designed to exceed the needs of any application, from 9 to 760kVA (PRP), offering a solution to tomorrow’s operational challenges. This new line joins Pramac’s product family dedicated to the Mobile business, expanding the product portfolio which already includes the GRW Rental series, professional Portable generators and a full range of Lighting Towers.

  • Reliable, durable and scalable from 10 to 820kVA.

    Pramac, a leader in power generators and handling equipment, is proud to introduce its new stationary diesel product line. With the customer in mind, this line is designed to meet or exceed the needs of any application, from 10kVA to 820kVA. By offering a better response to tomorrow’s operational challenges, this innovative line joins Pramac’s product family, and expands upon the capabilities of the existing GSW series.

  • PRAMAC generator sets are designed to meet the exacting requirements demanded by the rental industry, worldwide. Pramac is a globally recognized partner who, in addition to an unmatched portfolio of standard products also design and provide bespoke solutions to satisfy the needs of the mobile sector, often working in joint development programs.

  • With one race left before the end of the championship, Alma Pramac Racing is the Independent Team World Champion of the 2018 MotoGP season
  • 15-16 февраля 2018 г. прошла ежегодная Конференция Дистрибьюторов Pramac. Представители дистрибьюторов Pramac со всей России приехали в Санкт-Петербург для подведения итогов 2017 г.
  • В центре Тосканы, в пешей доступности от штаб-квартиры PR Industrial была открыта местная школа “Pramac Village School”. Здание было построено за счет государственного финансирования, собственных средств и благодаря щедрости  частных компаний, таких как PR Industrial