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Power design pro - новый инструмент для определения размеров от Pramac

Discover Power Design Pro™ - the new software by Pramac, assisting the consulting engineer and design studios in the power sizing and design process.

Thanks to our long-established experience in the power industry, we want to contribute to making generator sizing and specifying as easy as possible: Power Design Pro™ incorporates all our expertise to help making engineers, design studios and installers’ lives easier. 

The software is a complete one-stop-center for the sizing process, and includes sharing and collaboration capabilities, making it smooth and simple to share projects with your colleagues, clients or installers. Power Design Pro is also multilingual, and comes in seven different languages. The PDP’s technology models the load’s true characteristics, including both harmonic and transient analysis for an accurate full generator-to-load compatibility.


To capture the right nature of the load, the tool asks pertinent questions about load characteristics and allows users to upload features related to their application including starting, running and harmonic characteristics. It is possible to customize voltage and frequency tolerances for every load instead of allowing only one for the whole project, resulting in a more detailed and accurate transient analysis.

The projects’ data is safely cloud-stored, making it possible for you to start working at home and resuming your project right from where you left off, once you reach the office.

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