Lifter Mobile Robotics

Lifter Mobile Robotics is the new business unit providing advanced solutions for material handling in various industrial and logistic sectors. Discover our X-ACT range of pallet trucks

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Autonomous mobile robot platform

AMRIX in the omnidirectional version is ultra-flexible and highly adaptable, thanks to its 360 omnidirectional movement it can operate in every context with precise movements.
It moves boxes, crates, pallets and goods in general in your warehouse, with a perfect integration within its environment.

Upgrading the logistics of your business is a painless process with AMRIX, since it’s easily integrated in your existing workflow.

Guided by fully-integrated ANT navigation software, AMRIX is easy to deploy, program and use.

Moving goods in an autonomous way in your warehouse has never been this easy

Omnidirectional Movement
Easy to Deploy and Safe
Competitive Price, Easy ROI
Flexible To Be Integrated With Any Other Accessories
ANT Software: Total Control
Fully Automatic
ISO Level Safety