Mobile Generators

Wide range from 4 to 1250 kVA continuous power. Reliable, durable and versatile generators in order to give the right solution for every mobile energy need. These generators are able to work in a wide variety of applications where temporary power supply is required. Engineered to have a large list of optional and final configurations to meet the most stringent requirements as noise and exhaust emissions.

P 18000 - 50768.png - [50768]

P Series

Air-cooled and water-cooled generators engineered to give you the best performance meeting the lowest noise levels. Available both in diesel and petrol version.

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GPW - 50702.png - [50702]

GPW Series

New series suitable for mobile application where features such as easy handling and transportation, fast commissioning and simple servicing are key. Rugged design with a wide list of option to meet any customer needs worldwide.

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GRW.png - [89554]

GRW Series

Pramac's GRW Series, designed for the rental business. 
Environmentally friendly, reliable and long-lasting, the GRW generators meet the most demanding power needs

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TwinGen - 50893.png - [50893]

GQW TwinGen

1MWe containerized TwinGen package as versatile, modular and secure power solution. Designed and engineered to be long lasting, to make easy the servicing and fast the commissioning. Great performances with variable loads bringing higher efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

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