Pallet Trucks

Lifter by Pramac's Pallet trucks: manual, semi-electric and electric machines are available. Ideal devices for handling pallets of any size. Tailor-made solutions available.

GS 25.png - [40281]

Hand Pallet Trucks

The GS Series hand pallet trucks are available In a wide variety of capacity, frame size, material and configurations to meet all possible needs and applications.

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Pallet Truck - Agile pallet truck.png - [90655]

Agile Pallet Truck

The first innovative motorized pallet truck with two motor wheels for better stability and traction. Compact, light, simple, easy to use as a hand pallet truck, it is the convenient solution that can be used across any site to make your job easier, combining electric and manual function for convenient usability. The EVO model features electric motors for lift and drive.

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Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric pallet trucks to carry loads from 1.2 up to 1.8 tons, suitable for your specific application requirements. Compact design allows easy operation even in tight spaces.

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