Residential, Portable and Special Products

Pramac protects you from power outages and supports your power needs with backup, portable and special power generators.

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Professional Portable Generators

Pramac's comprehensive line or professional portable generators, designed to withstand the rigors and intensity of jobsite applications and construction sites

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Natural Gas Home & Small Business Generators

Pramac Powerknight Gas generators automatically deliver power during outages, giving you peace of mind and keeping your home and business powered when power is out.

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Leisure & Semi Professional Generators.png - [94039]

Leisure & Semi Professional Generators

Leisure and semi-professional portables generators, created for supporting recreational and DIY activities.

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Professional Power Equipment

Pramac is proud of the most powerful power equipment range, including PTO generators, welders, high-pressure washers and motorpumps. Power your work with Pramac!

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