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Since 1997, we have dedicated ourselves to the production of mobile lighting towers. This focus has allowed us to develop the largest range of light towers in the world, with innovative features, high performances, versatility, and reliability. Our range of light towers is divided into three different lines: Hybrid, Electric, and Diesel, for a total of more than 20 models able to fit any customer’s need.

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PRO Hybrid Line

PRO light towers are the real and only “ALL IN ONE” products! They embody all the innovations and new technologies that Generac Mobile® has developed in over 25 years at the top of the industry as a manufacturer. The company has brought together all the Rental needs, in one single product.

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Diesel Line

The Diesel Line all the traditional mobile lighting towers equipped with a built-in generating set. Generac Mobile® never loses sight of the sustainability of its products, equipping them with engines with low fuel consumption and low carbon emissions. The high-quality standards of these models ensure great strength and toughness, as well as the perfect use in every kind of application, even the most difficult one.

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Electric Line

The Generac Mobile® line of mobile lighting towers without a built-in generator. The Electric Line includes models that can be powered by a built-in battery pack, solar panels, or through an external power source, resulting in completely silent units with no carbon emission. A perfect solution on job sites where keeping engines on it’s not allowed due to specific restrictions or local regulations

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Special Models

Generac Mobile® does take requests for specially designed models and will evaluate the viability of those requests on a case-by-case basis. Also available are a range of alternative products, such as light towers with double telescopic mast, extended height masts up to 20 metres and models placed on vehicles, skids or other special trailers.

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