Inox and Galv Range

The ideal tools for working in humid and corrosive environments, satisfying the highest demands in hygiene matters, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries.

Inox and galv range - Manual transpallet GS evo GALV - GS Evo Inox.png - [40909]

Manual transpallet GS EVO GALV - GS EVO INOX

Characterized by their great resistance to corrosion, the galvanized and stainless steel hand pallet trucks are perfect for working in humid conditions or environments where high hygiene standards must be respected.

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Inox and galv range - Pallet Truck withh weighing system.png - [42360]

Pallet truck with weighing system

Weighing system consisting of 4 load cells positioned under the forks and a compact multifunction weight indicator. Suitable for working in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are the most requested values

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Inox and galv range manual and electric scissor lift.png - [42376]

Manual and electric scissor lift

Entirely made of stainless steel, suitable for the most severe cleaning needs, being able to sanitize it with high pressure washing

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Agile Inox - 99623.png - [99623]

Agile Stainless steel - Agile GALV

Agile is the innovative motorized pallet truck that combines electric and manual function for convenient usability. The PLUS stainless steel version is designed to handle loads in environments where are required high standard of hygiene. The weatherproof GALV version, for working in humid conditions.

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