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Pramac is present worldwide through its subsidiaries, responsible for their assigned territory and markets. Pramac manufactures a complete and flexible product range that satisfies the full spectrum of energy needs to suit customers worldwide. 
Pramac offers solutions for every kind of power supply demand: from portable to industrial power supply, both for stand by and prime power applications, with also battery energy storage solutions.
Pramac rental solutions cover temporary power supply need, offering mobile generators, battery energy storage solutions, light towers, and dust fighters.
The company also develops and sells a complete range of material handling equipment including manual pallet trucks, scale trucks, scissor lift, electric pallet trucks and manual, semi-electric and electric stackers.
With its business unit Lifter Mobile Robotics Pramac provides also advanced solutions for material handling in various industrial and logistic sectors.
Pramac Ibérica, founded in 2001, serves the markets of Spain, Portugal, PALOP countries and Latin America.
Its headquarters is in Murcia, where it manufactures portable and industrial generators, in addition to material handling and lifting equipment. It also markets the Generac Mobile Products range: lighting towers, dust suppression systems (Dust Fighters) and modular systems for ecological washing of machinery (Washracks).
In addition, Pramac, in its desire for continuous improvement, firmly believes in LEAN thinking, and therefore, in recent years, from Pramac Ibérica a clear LEAN strategy focused on improving our processes and the development of people has been developed. The quality of production processes is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.
Since 2004 we have the environmental certification of our management system according to ISO 14001.
As part of the constant desire for growth and innovation and our culture of continuous improvement of quality, Pramac Ibérica has recently added two new machines to its production facilities.
The WaterJet waterjet cutting machine TCI Cutting SM-S: after integrating into production line this machine the cutting quality of different insulating materials such as rubber, rock wool and other types of materials, as polycarbonate, have been improved, also reducing the delivery times of orders to our customers.

imagen Subvencion WaterJet 1385x1000.PNG
The Salvagnini S4 + P4 line: this complete sheet metal processing line, with the capacity to handle incoming sheets over 4 meters long, will optimize production times and storage requirements in the company, make manufacturing cycles just in time and meet customers' demands with immediacy and superior quality.

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