Professional Power Equipment

Pramac is proud of the most powerful power equipment range, including PTO generators, welders, high-pressure washers and motorpumps. Power your work with Pramac!

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PTO Generators

PTO generators are a safe and versatile power source able to generate low cost efficient power for any kind of agricultural use

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Pramac's welder generators are your reliable choice, when looking for a machine for small repairs, or for more advanced applications. Up to 220A you can use rutile, basic or cellulosic electrode up to 5mm diameter

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High Pressure Washers

Petrol and diesel driven cold water high pressure washers designed to meet your professional and recreational demands

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Motor Pumps

Whenever it is necessary to move large quantities of water, facing a flood or simply filling a pond, these petrol powered pumps are your perfect ally

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